“We’re fine if our children never climb a mountain as long as it guarantees they never get hurt. But what if your children were made for the mountains? . . . The ultimate mission of the family is not to protect your children from all harm but to mobilize them for the mission of God. . . . It is possible to hold on to our kids so tightly that we forget the ultimate goal of parenting is to let go.”

Reggie Joiner, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity




This guy loves anything John Deere, Legos and history. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he will most likely reply, "A Farmer or Historian!”. Most days you will find him with a book or building a replica of something historic with his legos.
He was diagnosed with nystagmus when he was a baby and has worn glasses since he was 6 months. Life is ordered and routine with this natural leader and homeschooling him has been a pure joy and delight, as we get to watch him learn and overcome obstacles.



This little guy has a passion for life. He finds joy in adventures and can make a friend anywhere we go. Currently he's very into superheroes, Star Wars, and loves eating pizza!  
He has an imagination that is so fun to watch. When he’s not “in school” you’ll find him on some bug adventure, collecting 6 and 8 legged “friends” or fighting the dark side with his Jedi friends. Life with this guy is never dull!



Our splash of sparkle! This little gal is all about pink, purple, glitter, and unicorns. She loves to keep up with "her boys", aka brothers, so if she can’t do it the first time you can bet she’ll keep trying until she can! Fancy Nancy is at top of her favorite list along with any kind of chocolate. She is our sugar and spice to a "T".  Recently she has become quit the little artist, with dreams and imagination. You will probably find her collecting nature to put in her nature journal or putting a project together with glue, glitter, and lots of googly eyes.



The youngest of our crew, this little man has learned a lot quickly in order to keep up with the others. He has a knockout smile and loves to chatter. Currently loving legos, star wars, and nature; this boy can’t get enough outdoor time! Finding bugs and picking flowers are among some of his favorite things to do. He loves adventure with his family, reading with daddy, singing with mommy at bedtime, and counting. What a little man he is becoming!