{Meet Our Crew}




This guy loves anything John Deere or farm related. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he will most likely reply, "A Farmer!"
He was diagnosed with nystagmus when he was a baby and has worn glasses since he was 6 months. Life is ordered and routine with this natural leader and homeschooling him has been a pure joy and delight, as we get to watch him learn and overcome obstacles. 



This little guy has a passion for life. He finds joy in adventure and can make a friend anywhere we go. Currently he's very into superheroes, ninja turtles, and loves eating pizza!  
JackJack (as he was nicknamed) has some bad allergies; the worst being Peanuts, Eggs, & Tree Nuts. So we have to be careful where we eat and what he touches. 



A sweet and sassy gift from above. Our little gal is all about doing it herself and figuring out how to do it if she can't. She loves to keep up with "her boys", aka brothers. She also has an infatuation with anything pink, purple and sparkly. Fancy Nancy is at top of her favorite list along with any kind of chocolate. She is our sugar and spice to a "T".  



The youngest of our crew, this little man has learned a lot quickly in order to keep up with the others. He has a knockout smile and loves to chatter. Currently he's saying please and thank you pretty well. He's also very fond of his paci, blankie, daddy, tractors, chickens, pizza and oatmeal. He's well looked over through the day by all the helping hands and doesn't get much time alone, but loves every minute of life with his older siblings.